EP 062 - Staying Connected With Our Alumni - Glen Davis - Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast

March 12, 2018

Remaining connected to alumni can seem like a daunting task for many campus ministers. How do we stay engaged on campus and engaged with our alum? This week, Glen Davis from Stanford University Chi Alpha, joins us to discuss the many creative and successful ways he stays in touch with his alumni. 


EP 061 - Billy Graham And The Campus Minister - Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast

March 6, 2018

What can we learn from a man who ran his race well and reached millions for Jesus? This week we reflect on some takeaways from the life and ministry of Billy Graham. 


EP 060 - Dating and the Sacred Search - Gary Thomas - Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast

February 26, 2018

Dating can often be a spiritual minefield for our students. How do we help them navigate it? This week we're joined by author and teacher, Gary Thomas, to talk about his book The Sacred Search and learn from his wisdom and research in the area of romantic relationships. 


EP 059 - A Leadership Challenge For Staff - Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast

February 20, 2018

Being a staff member on a ministry team is not always easy. There are unique challenges we face as we work together with our senior leaders to accomplish God's vision for our campus. This week we dive into some words from the apostle Peter to glean some insights on leadership and look at some practical ways to be great staff members.


EP 058 - International Student Ministry - Sevo Lwali - Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast

February 13, 2018

International student ministry is one of the most strategic and rewarding aspects of campus ministry. In order to do it effectively, we need to consider the challenges we face and explore helpful strategies. This week we are joined by Severin Lwali, National XAi Director, to discuss intentional and fruitful international student ministry on campus. 


EP 057 - Romantic Insanity On Campus - Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast

February 6, 2018

Dating and romance on our campus often follows a predictable cycle that leads to a lot of pain and heartache for our students. This week we explore the cycle and the struggle that students face navigating relationships in our culture.  


EP 056 - Staying In The Game - Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast

January 29, 2018

Do you ever wonder if it's time to move on? This week we've gathered some wisdom from ministers with longevity and fruitfulness and we offer some questions you need to ask yourself before you make a change. 


EP 055 - Building A Worship Team From Scratch - Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast

January 22, 2018

How do we navigate building a worship team and a worship culture when we're early in the worship team process? This week we discuss some practical and philisophical tips on building a worship team from scratch. 


EP 054 - The Power Of God On Campus - Matt Carpenter - Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast

January 15, 2018

What impact can God have on our campus and around the world if we are willing to exercise our faith and have a God-sized vision? Today we talk with Matt Carpenter, of UCA Chi Alpha about miracles, impacting the world through discipleship, and a vision that's larger than our local campus. 


EP 053 - Finding, Feeding, And Fighting For Our Students - Alex Rodriguez - Campus Ministry Leadership Podcast

January 8, 2018

Discipleship is at the core of what we do as campus ministers. What does it look like to find, feed, and fight for our students? Alex Rodriguez of NMSU Chi Alpha, joins us to discuss these simple and effective principles.